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5 Reasons to Earn a Master of Arts in Human Resource Management at Marygrove College

Posted by mgcollege

Apr 10, 2019, 1:05:11 PM

HRM_blog_cta2So you’re thinking about pursuing an advanced degree in human resources, but don’t know which program is the right fit for you? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here are five reasons to choose Marygrove College’s online Master of Arts in Human Resource Management degree program.

Our Advanced Human Resource Program is Aligned with SHRM Standards

If you know anything about human resources, you’ve probably heard of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). SHRM is the largest and most respected HR professional association in the country. In short, SHRM sets the industry standards.

Unlike other programs, Marygrove’s Master of Arts in Human Resource Management program is aligned with SHRM standards - which means that our curriculum is current with the latest trends in the practice of human resource management and professional education. As a result, our graduates are even better equipped to add value as HR professionals.

You Can Earn Your HR Certification Completely Online

Our human resource management certificate program has many distinguishing features, but at the top of the list is the fact that our program is offered completely online.

Like most working adults, you are busy. Perhaps you’re balancing a career, family, and a laundry list of other endeavors. Whatever your life looks like, our program has been designed to fit your needs.

Do you want the convenience of being able to read and reread discussion-board posts, lectures, and notes anytime of the day or week? Do you live out of state? No problem. The fact that our program is offered completely online means that we defy borders and geography. You can earn your degree at any time of the day or from anywhere in the world!

Marygrove College is Fully Accredited

Graduate students continue to choose us because they know we are fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Our accreditation means that comply with the rigorous standards of the HLC to ensure that we are not only offering high quality programming, but meaningful programming as well and do everything in our power to help students succeed!

Earning Your Degree at Marygrove Means Learning with a Higher Purpose

At Marygrove, we subscribe to the belief that the future depends upon creative thinkers, men and women who have a wide range of skills, experiences, interests, and passions. Our professors share this belief – and so do our students.

Students in our advanced human resource program choose Marygrove college because of its reputation, rigor, affordability, and convenience—but they also choose us because they want to be part of a forward-thinking community, one that is grounded in a timeless set of values.

At Marygrove, we are committed to promoting equality, opportunity, and social justice. We serve a higher purpose. Did you know that:

  • We educated women long before it was fashionable to do so.
  • We pioneered the Master of Arts in Social Justice degree.
  • We initiated the 68 in ’68 to welcome women of color to the college as our surrounding neighborhood was changing.
  • We joined Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Stephen Henderson in an effort to transform a blighted neighborhood home into a community literary center.

When you join the Marygrove College community, you are a part of this legacy! We believe that is something our graduates can be proud of.

Our Master’s in Human Resource Management Online Program Sets You Up for Success

Want to distinguish yourself from all of the others? An advanced degree from Marygrove College is one of the best ways to do it.
Unlike degrees in other business disciplines, our master of arts human resources program is specialized, which means our graduates are equipped with the essential skills they need to work in the field of HR.
Our program covers finance, legal practices, ethics, diversity and inclusion, employee development, labor relations, recruitment, communication, and much, much more. In our program, you’ll focus on all of the current HRM trends and practices in the private, public and nonprofit sectors—and as we said before, everything you learn aligns with SHRM standards!

Want to learn more about our human resource management online program? Visit us online at or call (313) 927-1821 to speak with Steven Coddington, our admissions counselor, or email him at


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