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Friendly Visitor Program at McGivney Bethune home celebrates with potluck dinner!!

Posted by mgcollege

Oct 29, 2013 4:04:19 PM

Please join us for our final dinner/potluck meeting at the McGivney Bethune home on November 20, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. to see the awesome work students have done to build these important relationships and also to learn more about friendly visitor programs (and maybe even volunteer yourself!). Please let us know via email so we can plan for extra seats and help you to get involved. The program is looking for students, staff, and faculty who may want to participate in the friendly visitor program once the semester ends. There will be a short training session in January/February for any individuals who would like to join! Please e-mail all inquiries to Mary Brynes: 

The SOC/PSY 346 class, Aging Individual in Society, is piloting a friendly visitor program at the McGivney Bethune house on Marygrove’s campus. It is one of the goals of the program that the relationship the students are building with residents this semester continues as an ongoing endeavor. The intended outcome of these efforts is that we can build upon an established relationship with the individuals who share our campus and look for other ways to engage residents of both Theresa Maxis and McGivney Bethune apartments.

A little bit about the program: The friendly visitor program is a volunteer support system which exists for the primary purpose of connecting older adults (who often live in age-segregated housing) to other people who share their community. Friendly visitors are just that: an individual who makes friendly visits (both in-person and via telephone) with an assigned older adult with whom they build a sustained and ongoing relationship. Friendly visitors provide companionship and are not caregivers. Visitors engage in a variety of ways with residents; playing games, life review/reminiscing, sharing resources (like coffee or tea), and other forms of socializing are main activities of friendly visitors.


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