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First Lunchtime Conversation Thursday 10/3

Posted by mgcollege

Sep 30, 2013 3:49:33 PM

brown bagThis is a reminder that the first Lunchtime Conversation of the academic year will be held this Thursday, October 3, from noon till 1:15 in the Employee Lounge in the ground floor of Liberal Arts.

The conversation will consist of a discussion of participants' experiences in last summer’s Faculty Resource Network (FRN) activities at New York University. The FRN sponsors a variety of professional development programs for faculty from over fifty colleges and universities, including Marygrove.

Talking about their experiences will be:
Linda Brawner, Denise Powell, and Theodora Williams, discussing their seminar, “Play, Games, and Education in the Digital Age.”

Steffanie Bowles and Mary Byrnes, discussing their seminar, “Narrative Filmmaking as a Teaching Strategy.”

Vivian Johnson, discussing her seminar, “Cosmopolitanism and Pop Culture.”

Jennifer Tsui, discussing her seminar, “Evidence-based Biology Teaching: Just the Facts or Thinking Like Scientists?”

Loretta Woodard, discussing her seminar, “Contemporary Black Women Writers: Race, Gender, and Political Imagination."

Technology, pedagogy, film, pop culture, science, and literature . . . something for everyone. After the presentations, you will hear about the range of opportunities the FRN offers its members.

Please plan to join us, and invite colleagues and students who would be interested in these timely and important topics.

As always, tasty refreshments will fuel our good discussions.

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