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Marygrove College is planning to participate in the No Impact Experiment from October 7-14

Posted by mgcollege

Sep 25, 2013, 11:59:11 AM

shutterstock_80540356Marygrove College is planning to participate in the No Impact Experiment from October 7-14

The No Impact Experiment is a one-week carbon cleanse.  It is a chance for you to see what a difference no-impact living can have on your quality of life. It’s not about giving up creature comforts but an opportunity for you to test whether the modern “conveniences” you take for granted are actually making you happier or just eating away at your time and money.

The No Impact Week program toolkit was created to:

  • Give organizers everything they need to innovate within their community
  • Customize a program that will highlight the existing strengths of their campus
  • Spur inspiration for new change
  • Link your students to an international network of No Impact change makers!

The No Impact project was inspired by Colin Beavan’s one-year experiment with No Impact living in New York City.  The No Impact Experiment is an eight-day version of Colin and his family’s yearlong experiment. Each day of the program has its own theme and challenge that builds on the next so that by the end of the week you are virtually living No Impact. The daily challenges are as follows:

Sunday: Consumption
Description: Don’t buy anything new (except for food!)

Monday: Trash
Description: Don’t create any trash.

Tuesday: Transportation
Only transport yourself through environmentally friendly ways such as biking, walking, public transportation or carpooling.

Wednesday: Food
Description: Only eat local food and cut down on your meat consumption.

Thursday: Electricity
Description: Cut back on your electricity use or stop it all together.

Friday: Water
Description: Cut back on your water use.

Saturday: Giving Back
Description: Give back to your community.

Sunday: Eco-Sabbath
Description: Unplug and reflect. You and the environment take a break.  Reflect on this experience and its effect on your life and the earth.

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