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Dr. Frank Rashid to speak at the ASAP/5 Conference at Wayne State University.

Posted by mgcollege

Sep 23, 2013 2:02:24 PM

Robert_HaydenOn Oct.3 at 1:45 pm, Dr. Frank Rashid will be speaking at the ASAP/5 Conference at Wayne State University. At this event, The Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present will host a panel, Robert Hayden, Michael Harper, 1970s Detroit.  Other panellists include Janice N. Harrington, the University of Illinois and Brian McHale, Ohio State University.

This event is a part of the The Robert Hayden/Dudley Randall Centennial Project which has been designed to commemorate these poets through a variety of programs and activities at different Detroit area sites.  The broader purpose of these events is to examine the two poets’ contributions to American culture, to expose their work to new audiences, to provide opportunities for creative and scholarly expressions that intersect with their poetic legacies, and to acknowledge the historical occasion.

To learn more about the The Robert Hayden/Dudley Randall Centennial Project, click here.

Randall-reading-poery--credit-Leni-Sinclair-22-4In addition to this, we want to mention that Dr. Rashid is also one of the keynote speakers for the Defining Detroit Event at Marygrove.  On Oct. 10, Dr. Rashid will be joined by Professor Melba Joyce Boyd to give a presentation on Robert Hayden and Dudley Randall. Film clips and bio-critical discussion of the Detroit writers will trace the relationship between their lives and their writings.

For more information about this event, call 313-927-1383

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