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Congratulations to Marygrove Jubilarians

Posted by mgcollege

Jul 29, 2013 4:38:50 PM

candlesEvery year the IHMs gather to celebrate significant milestones (or “Jubilees”). This year, 49 women are celebrating their Jubilee. Of the 49, there are 11 who have touched Marygrove significantly this year and we would like to congratulate them.

75 Years - Letitia O’Connell, IHM
-Marygrove Business Office, 1944-46
-Student Services, 1994-1996

70 Years – Patricia Guthrie, IHM
Past member, Marygrove Board of Trustees

70 Years – Marie Hopkins, IHM
Teacher, Marygrove Preschool, 1958-1960
-Director, Marygrove Preschool, 1960-1978
-Chair, Education Department, 1979-1990
-Research, 1995-2004

 70 Years – Ruth McGuire, IHM
-Marygrove Convent, 1989-1991

 65 Years – Joyce Durosko, IHM
-Past member, Marygrove Board of Trustees

60 Years – Dorothy McDaniel, IHM
- Professor, Math/Physics, 1969-1971
-Past member, Marygrove Board of Trustees

60 Years – Kathleen O’Brien, IHM
-Campus Ministry, 2001-2004

 50 Years – Mary Ellen Loren, IHM
- Professor/Tutor, English, 1993-2006

50 Years – Patricia McCluskey, IHM
-Professor, Psycology, 1983-1985
-Current IHM Leadership Council, Mission Councilor
-Current Vice Chair, Marygrove Board of Trustees

50 Years – Diane McCormack, IHM
-Past member, Marygrove Board of Trustees

50 Years – Ann Nett, IHM
-Current resident Marygrove’s Hartman Hall
-Founding member of the new Marygrove Herbal Garden Project

All greetings and words of congratulations can be sent to the IHM Motherhouse.

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