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Last call, students: Fill out your course and instructor evaluations or forever hold your peace.

Posted by mgcollege

Apr 25, 2013 9:34:41 AM

3120872862_7dce2cf5a2Time is running out to complete your "Course and Instructor Evaluations" for your Marygrove Winter courses.. They will be available for you to complete until 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 28.

The instructors, the departments and the deans at Marygrove all pay very close attention to the evaluations, so it is your best opportunity to help improve how classes are taught.

It is important to know your evaluations will be confidential.

The office of Institutional Research and Assessment is administering the evaluations. The software that we are using lets us and your instructor see who has completed an evaluation (so we don't continue to send emails to them) but we can't see individual evaluations, just a summary of the results.

THE COURSE INSTRUCTOR DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE EVALUATIONS AT ALL and will get a summary report after the evaluation period has ended and after grades have been posted. She or he will see the answers to the three open-ended questions at the end.

Here is what to do:

Log into Blackboard and click the "Course Evaluations" link in the "Tools" panel on the "My Marygrove" tab.  You will be directed to a central page which lists all of your available course evaluations.

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