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Ever tried PACO Soup? You can. Today at 4:30.

Posted by mgcollege

Apr 15, 2013 11:53:46 AM

PACORiding on the success of our first PACO Soup, we are pleased to invite you to our April event. In case you missed February’s event and aren’t sure what PACO is,

PACO stands for Power, Authority, Communication and Outreach.

PACO Soup is:

  • a collaborative situation
  • a public dinner
  • a platform for connection
  • a theatrical environment
  • a democratic experiment in micro-funding
  • a forum for critical but accessible discussion
  • an opportunity to support creative people at Marygrove College and in our neighboring communities.

PACO Soup is all about reminding the people of their power.

The goal of PACO Soup is to provide funding and exposure to faculty, staff and student-led projects/proposals submitted by individuals, groups, or organizations seeking to effect change in and around the Greater Detroit Area including the campus of Marygrove College.

Through public dinners, 3-5 min oral presentations and a democratic vote -- participants are able to see that change can be made. Participants (YOU) of the soup pay a nominal fee ($5), listen to the 3-4 project proposals, feast on delicious soups/salads, then vote for the best project. Selected projects for funding will receive the money collected at the Soup. PACO Soup is here to help increase student and community involvement by providing an arena to develop and strengthen public-speaking skills, presentation skills as well as the process of venture capitalism and entrepreneurship.

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