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Readers wanted for Dramafest 2013!

Posted by mgcollege

Mar 1, 2013 3:17:34 PM

Dear Actors & Friends:

This is your chance to perform on the Marygrove Theatre stage. We are looking for readers for Dramafest 2013!

Dramafest is an evening of stage readings of new plays from emerging and established playwrights.

You do not have to memorize lines or learn blocking. You only need to give a dramatic reading of the material.

There will be 3 rehearsals with a performance on Friday, March 15 at 8 .pm. in the Marygrove Theatre.

If you are interested please reply to Leslie Love at

The following is information about the play and the cast of characters:

Satin Doll is based on George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, which is based on the Greek myth about the king of Cyprus who falls in love with a statue that he has made. Satin Doll updates the Shaw version giving it a black and feminist context. It also questions our society’s emphasis on instant fame and what some people will do to get it. This version of this classic tale centers on a bet between two television commentators who need a sponsor for their low-rated “Middle Passage” talk show. Liberal friend, Robert Joyner, challenges conservative Edward Hollingsworth, to take into his home one Black Booty aka Malika aka Eula Jean Johnson to transform her into a lady of breeding, intellect, and manners. A woman any man would long for—a perfect woman.


FEMALE: A street hustler and member of the booty crew. She’s rough mannered, rough talking and tough. But underneath all that black leather, hip hop attire, and streetwise veneer is a simple girl who wants most of all to be her own woman.

MALE: A sharp-tongued, arrogant black conservative TV commentator who believes that African Americans perpetuate their victimization by not conforming to the mainstream. He should know, he’s running from his past.

MALE: A sometimes co-host for Edward’s show “The Middle Passage” and a friend since childhood. As a liberal, he serves as Hollingsworth’s conscience and sometime whipping boy.

MALE: Malika’s wise grandfather. A homespun philosopher.

FEMALE: A likeable, nosy, and attractive much put upon housekeeper. She plays den mother to Hollingsworth and Joyner.

FEMALE: The guardian of African American middle class morality. A woman who has a death grip on her daughter, Tina.

MALE: A menacing, streetwise misogynist. What Hollingsworth might have been had he not gone 360 degrees in the opposite direction.



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