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Marygrove College: A Diverse Culture that Speaks Many Languages

Posted by Ryan O'Rourke

Mon, Nov 12, 2012 @ 11:42 AM

Marygrove diversityAt Marygrove, we’ve always subscribed to the belief that positive change requires a diverse set of perspectives all working together towards a common goal. Our world, both locally and globally, is complex—and we’re humble enough to know that we can only make sense of it when we view it through more than one lens.

Language is one such lens: It’s rich, alive and constantly in a state of flux, much like the cultures that invent and continue to reinvent it every day.

Immersing ourselves in a campus culture that speaks many languages means that we’re also going to be privy to a variety of perspectives. We believe this is precisely what Marygrove needs if we are truly serious about our outward-focused, urban leadership role in the city of Detroit.

That’s why we are so pleased to share that there are over 25 languages spoken on Marygrove’s campus every day! We believe this is living proof of our determination and commitment to provide our students with the cross-cultural experience that they’ll need to discover and contribute to our global community.

Here are some of the languages WE speak at Marygrove (listed alphabetically):

1) American Sign Language
2) Arabic
3) Bengali
4) Bulgarian
5) Chinese
6) Danish
7) English
8) Finnish
9) French
10) German
11) Haitian Kreyol
12) Hindi
13) Hungarian
14) Igbo-Nigerian language
15) Italian
16) Korean
17) Latvian
18) Lithuanian
19) Maltese
20) Polish
21) Romanian
22) Russian
23) Slovak
24) Spanish
25) Tagalog

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